Lanham – KALE 2/12

Today was our first day at KALE. Since we already had a small orientation last week, we generally knew what to do and what was going on. This time, we got to meet the mentees and get a feel for things. I met Jacob and Sophia, the two students I will be working with this semester. They were both a little shy but opened up as the day went on.

To start, we introduced ourselves and passed a ball to another person who had not had a turn yet. They would then repeat the name of the person before them and state their name, before passing the ball on. After going through the whole group, we started on our next ice breaker: two truths and a lie. This game was slightly more disorganized and had a steep learning curve for some of the students. We followed this with what I call reverse musical chairs. One person in the center of the circle of chairs would state something about themselves or something that they liked. Anyone in the circle who agreed had to stand up and find a new seat. If they remained standing, they would have to state the next topic. This was a fun one and we learned a good deal about each other.

I am excited to continue to see Jacob and Sophia grow over the course of the semester. This was a good start to the year.

Suggestions: Two truths and a lie was a difficult game for most students, so we might want to consider swapping it out for an easier game. It seems to be better suited for middle schoolers than some of the 2nd graders we were working with. Even some mentors had difficulty coming up with well-thought out facts.


Lanham – KALE 2/12

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