What We Do


SEEK administers weekly, hands-on demonstrations in the classroom. Assisted by mentors,  elementary and middle school students participate in projects that teach engineering principles of many disciplines. Example projects include assembling a robot, creating Gak gel, launching a rocket, and constructing a model bridge. SEEK mentors provide positive, one-on-one influence academically and socially, giving elementary and middle school students attention that can help them develop goals and better learning skills.

Every week, as a SEEKer, you would carpool to an elementary or middle school along with a few other SEEKers and a group officer. At the school you would participate in a engineering related project either with a single student, or a small group. After each SEEK visit, a journal, concerning the week’s mentoring session, of at least 250 words must be submitted. Because SEEK is part of the University of Texas, you also have the option to take it as a class and get two hours worth of course credit. 

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