SEEK is the greatest!

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Date(s) - Feb 03, 2018
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47 thoughts on “SEEK is the greatest!

  1. I think SEEK is the greatest organization EVER because I love bonding with kids, getting them interested in science/engineering, and showing them how bright their futures are.

  2. SEEK is a great org (the greatest!) because it is an opportunity to change inequity in engineering education in a fun and hands-on way.

  3. SEEK is the greatest because it is a great way for us to show young kids all of the cool stuff you can do with science!

  4. SEEK is the greatest because it encourages kids to follow their passion for STEM and shows them to love science, all while both the kids and the mentors have tons of fun

  5. SEEK is an amazing org because it gives young children the exposure they need to pique their interest in STEM.

  6. SEEK is the greatest because it allows children to realize how fun and exciting the STEM life can be, while also motivating them to become better students.

  7. SEEK is an incredible program because it allows kids to realize their full potential and exposes them to future careers in STEM. It’s important because it gives them motivation to continue to strive to do their best in school.

  8. I think SEEK is a great organization because it links a group of kids that want to learn about sciences to college kids that have that experience. It gives these children a vision and a goal for their future, and that is invaluable.

  9. SEEK is a great organization as it provides them with an opportunity to be exposed to the principles of STEM and allows them to gain some insight on what they want to do with their future.

  10. SEEK is a fun organization to volunteer and have fun with expanding engineering knowledge unto little kids and shape our future engineers!

  11. SEEK is a wonderful opportunity because it introduces the concepts of engineering in an interesting and fun way to students who otherwise may not consider it an option.

  12. SEEK is a great way to show kids that engineering isn’t as scary and hard as it seems. It gives all kids exposure to engineering and makes sure they know it’s an option.

  13. SEEK gives kids the opportunity to engage with engineering students and think creatively, which is an invaluable experience for both the mentors and kids.

  14. SEEK is great because it allows UT students to give back to their community and help at-risk students.

  15. SEEK helps me remember why I’m doing engineering, to make the world a better, happier place for everyone, especially kids who have curiosity and just want an opportunity.

  16. SEEK is a great because it can get rid of the fear that students may have about engineering through enjoyable STEM activities.

  17. SEEK is awesome because it allows college students to share their passion for science and engineering with kids!

  18. SEEK is great because it provides children with positive role models. In addition, it allows kids to do fun projects and realize how cool STEM can be.

  19. SEEK is great because it provides kids with a consistent mentor throughout the school year and exposes the kids to projects and topics that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to learn about so early on in school

  20. SEEK is fabulous because you meet fellow engineers and also get to share your love for science with the younger generation! It is a great experience to be able to bond with local kids in the Austin area and to watch them learn.

  21. SEEK is great because it gives students the opportunity to learn about engineering through engaging activities and makes sure it is an option for the future.

  22. SEEK is great because it gives students the opportunity to learn about STEm subjects, and gives me the opportunity make an impact on others’ lives.

  23. SEEK is amazing because it gives you the chance to bond with the students and get them excited about the STEM field and all of its opportunities.

  24. SEEK is the greatest because it engages both mentor and mentee in the process of life-long learning. It inspires kids to pursue the personally and professionally rewarding experiences that STEM has to offer by sparking their interest and confidence in their own intuition.

  25. SEEK is a wonderful organization because we can give younger students an opportunity to learn more about STEM by doing fun and interactive projects!!!

  26. SEEK is the greatest because we get to help kids realize their dreams and have a lot of fun simultaneousy!

  27. SEEK is a great org because you get to give back some of your knowledge and time to the community in an impactful way.

  28. SEEK is great because as a student in a STEM major, I can share my knowledge and excitement with science to the next generation. Hopefully, as a result of this organization, I can influence an elementary or middle school student to share my enthusiasm with science.

  29. I think SEEK is an awesome organization, where kids can learn and explore the various ideas in STEM through fun projects.

  30. Seek is a great organization because it allows engineering students to become mentors to children who maybe don’t have as many opportunities as we did growing up. Getting them excited about college is very rewarding!

  31. Seek is the greatest org at UT because it fosters care and devotion to teaching young children appreciation and enthusiasm for STEM.

  32. SEEK is the greatest organization because it really gets children involved in math and science related projects that may get them excited and interested in STEM fields.

  33. SEEK is a great organization because it shows kids that science can be fun and anyone can learn about it.

  34. I think SEEK is a wonderful organization because it gets kids excited about STEM subjects. This is so important because we should do a good job of displaying STEM subjects as fun and cool!

  35. Seek is a fantastic organization because it really engages kids with fun projects to show them that STEM can be really interesting.

  36. Seek is a great organization because we get to help students in need and lead them on the right path towards a better education.

  37. I think SEEK is the greatest because we get to guide students towards a career in STEM and teach them essential problem-solving skills that will be applicable to any field these students decide to go in. I am a driver and my phone number is 9722777455 and I can seat 4 other people in my car!

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